Los Altos Residents (LAR) invited me to set the record straight about the Washington-style smear campaign being waged by an opponent and his friends. I appreciate your watching the video. Call me at 650.380.5181 to discuss any issues in this campaign.

Anita Enander


Courtesy of Los Altos Residents
A longer interview is here.

Anita Enander

When you elected me four years ago, I promised to improve the organizational efficiency and financial stability of Los Altos and to represent YOUR voice.

My record fulfills the commitments I made when you elected me. While we’ve made a lot of progress, our Los Altos community faces significant changes over the next few years. Your input, your ideas, your feedback are critical as we plan our city’s future.


City finances and public safety

  • Championed  5-year budget plan to improve street safety, maintain public buildings, and provide staff with essential tools and equipment.
  • Endorsed funding to improve safe routes to school.
  • Led adoption of a fiscally responsible budget that covers essential services and restores our reserves.
  • Helped expose flaws in our financial system and supported the corrections that needed to be made.
  • Approved State and Federal Covid funds to support city businesses.
  • Gained unanimous council agreement to pay down pension obligations to save us millions in future budget expenditures.

Quality of Life and our Environment

  • Enacted protections to prevent development of  parkland.
  • Championed homeowner rights to retain gas appliances.
  • Passed new rules to ensure safe placement of wireless equipment.
  • Collaborated with colleagues and stakeholders to create our first dog parks.
  • Supported upgrading facilities for our Emergency Operations Center.
  • Approved a cooperative City/County plan to create a permanent home for Friends of the Library.
  • Advocated for strict enforcement of air and water quality regulations at Lehigh Quarry operations and eventual restoration of the quarry for public use.


  • Endorsed our first all-affordable housing development — a collaboration among the City of Los Altos, the County of Santa Clara, and non-profit organizations.
  • Adopted development rules that comply with new state laws and protect the character of our neighborhoods.
  • Helped create the Draft Housing Element in conformance with State law.

Improved Governance

  • Co-led the recruitment and hiring of an outstanding new city manager who is making a positive difference for Council, staff, and residents.
  • Proposed and gained colleagues’ agreement to make staff retention a key priority.

YOUR Voice — FOR residents, FOR fiscal responsibility, FOR quality of life

Looking forward, we must be judicious in how we spend money and continue to work to protect our business districts and neighborhoods.

You deserve a thoughtful council representative who will represent YOUR interests. I am not influenced by special interests and have no personal agenda or future political aspirations.

As your council representative, you can expect the following:

City finances and public safety

  • Make safe streets a priority — for drivers, bikes, and pedestrians.
  • Recruit and retain quality law enforcement staff to address public safety.
  • Practice fiscal discipline, prioritizing public safety and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Expedite upgrades at Grant Park so our seniors have hot water and a cooling center.

Quality of Life

  • Use developer impact fees to expand parks and open space, providing recreation for all ages, interests, and abilities.  
  • Mitigate climate change throughout city operations. Protect our tree canopy. 
  • Craft a permanent policy for more attractive “parklets” that balance the needs of restaurants with interests of other retail, while assuring enough parking for all downtown businesses.
  • Pass a new noise ordinance to protect neighborhoods from disruptive outdoor heating and air conditioning equipment.


  • Make responsible decisions regarding future growth in Los Altos that balances quality of life with State mandates for more housing.
  • Craft development rules for new housing that respects our single-family neighborhoods and preserves our business districts.
  • Advocate and work for additional affordable housing.
  • Collaborate with elected officials throughout the state to challenge “one-size-fits-all” housing bills that silence your voice in local decisions.

Improve City Operations

  • Recruit and retain top quality employees with competitive salaries, safe and modern facilities, and essential equipment
  • Rally residents to develop a funding plan for a new public safety building. 
  • Continue to support our City Manager to help him build a winning team and make further operational improvements.

Listening to You

We need resident input when balancing competing needs or making changes that affect our city.  I will emphasize the need for broad public outreach, objective surveys, and careful analysis on all major issues.

I look forward to continuing my work with you and for you, with respect and equitable treatment for everyone in our city.

I welcome your participation in my grassroots campaign! You can add your personal endorsement on my Supporters list, request a Re-elect Anita Enander yard sign, DONATE to support my campaign, volunteer to walk with me in your neighborhood, or schedule a coffee or “Zoom” with me and your friends and neighbors.