Unlike most candidates, I do not seek endorsements or donations from organizations, officials, or political action committees. My only loyalty is to Los Altos residents. Thus, I remain independent of special interest groups who may try to influence Council policy on their own behalf.

The only endorsements I seek are from YOU, the residents of Los Altos. It is YOUR voice that matters. YOU are the people I support and champion. I keep my promises. I stand on my record. I’ve stated my position about issues I know we will face in the coming four years, based on your views.

If you are a resident of Los Altos and would like me to add your name to my publicly available list of supporters, please fill in the form below. Please include your email and/or phone number.

I am sincerely grateful for your personal endorsement and participation in my campaign in any form. You can also:

  • Request a Re-elect Anita Enander yard sign
  • DONATE to support my campaign
  • Volunteer to walk with me in your neighborhood
  • Schedule a coffee or “Zoom” with me and your friends and neighbors

I welcome your participation in my grassroots campaign!