Unlike most candidates, I do not seek endorsements or donations from organizations, officials, or political action committees. My only loyalty is to Los Altos residents. Thus, I remain independent of special interest groups who may try to influence Council policy on their own behalf.

The only endorsements I seek are from YOU, the residents of Los Altos. It is YOUR voice that matters. YOU are the people I support and champion. I keep my promises. I stand on my record. I’ve stated my position about issues I know we will face in the coming four years, based on your views.

If you are a resident of Los Altos and would like me to add your name to my publicly available list of supporters, please fill in the form below. Please include your email and/or phone number.

The following is a partial list of those supporting my re-election campaign who have given their permission to have their names publicly listed.

Cindy Andrews
Jon Baer (former Planning Commissioner)
Viviana Bardina
Lou Becker (former Los Altos Mayor)
Pierre Bedard (Library Commissioner)
Paul Boetius
David Casas (former Los Altos Mayor)
Janet Corrigan (Public Arts Commissioner)
John Corrigan (Parks and Recreation Commissioner)
Theresa Couture (Public Arts Commissioner)
Dinesh Desai
Ellen Dollich
Kathy and Roland Dow
Mike Ellerin (former Parks and Recreation Commissioner)
Joanne Estill
Loretta Fennell
Tim Fennell (former Community Policing Task Force member)
Carol Fenwick

Tom Ferry
Rhoda Fry
Harriet Girdley
Ken Girdley (former Historical Commissioner; Neutra House preservation project)
Ann Hepenstal
Angela Horine
David Horine (former Public Arts Commissioner)
Jake Iantosca
Jim Jolly
Marji and Rich Karlgaard
Robert Klein
Carey Lai
Ken Lorell (former Planning Commissioner)
Mary Cunneen Lion
Barbara Loebner
Shiaoping Lu (Environmental Commissioner)
Pat Marriott (former Downtown Buildings Committee member)
Nancy Martin

Teresa Morris (Parks and Recreation Commissioner; former Downtown Buildings Committee member)
Camilla McCrea
Catherine Nunes
Jane Osborn
Myra Orta
Ron Packard (former Los Altos Mayor)
Von Packard
Freddie Park
Wallace Palmer
Roberta Phillips
Mike Plasterer
Sonoko and Al Rooney
Debbie Skelton
Charis Spielman
Scott Spielman (former Parks and Recreation Commissioner)
Eric Steinle (Planning Commissioner)
Mariel Stoops
Phan Truong
Robert M. Urban
Monica Waldman (Public Arts Commissioner)
Elaine Wang

I am sincerely grateful for your personal endorsement and participation in my campaign in any form. You can also:

  • Request a Re-elect Anita Enander yard sign
  • DONATE to support my campaign
  • Volunteer to walk with me in your neighborhood
  • Schedule a coffee or “Zoom” with me and your friends and neighbors

I welcome your participation in my grassroots campaign!